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Surviving The First Job After College | How Sophia Did It

Surviving the first job after college | Life Coaching Advice | Molly RomanI think I’m physically in this hellacious building at least 10-11 hours a day. Worse, I’m still sitting in this suffocating cube with no windows and sterile gray veneer to comfort my woes. That one hour lunch break? That doesn’t exist for me. If I have time, I might take a half hour for lunch; but usually I lap up my meal while I soak up an array of delicious tasks. This is what it is like surviving the first job after college.

This place is seriously nuts. They don’t prepare you for this in college. Obviously, the hours are crazy. Everyone works hard; no one is excluded. Deadlines can be a week in advance or just two hours. We are all stressed out but somehow we keep dancing. To me, I’m surviving the first job after college. However, I’m sure this experience will be valuable on my resume if I decide to leave. But I’m not ready yet. I can’t.

I mean – I would love to be in a field that is creative and where I work with like-minded individuals. Some days, I want to pull my hair out dealing with these phony-ass people. They are so incredibly fake and see NO value in the creative aspects of this job. Hey – Jerks! YOUR boss really did hired me for this job. If you have a problem with it – tell her! But stop with your snide comments and insinuations! Seriously!

However, I digress. Clearly, I am one of a kind in this organization. I am a creative mind working with Type A linear thinkers. Sometimes it feels like there is something wrong with me! I don’t fit in. It’s obvious. My red hair, bright blue eye liner. They are all straight laced. It would be a shock to see someone in here with lipstick.

“Why do I stay?” you ask. This is an amazing opportunity. My boss is a great woman. She runs over 40 different companies. She sees my value and hired me to be creative. And she took a bet on me even though I didn’t go to school for this. All she asked of me is that I stay for a couple of years and work hard. This is my 1st post-college job. If I don’t have the character now, when will I? I’m laying the foundation. And honestly, I don’t think I could look myself in the mirror every day if I broke that trust and loyalty.

So here I go every morning, surviving the first job after college. Grin spread from ear to ear. Tap shoes laced up. Clickity clack, clickity clack, clickity clack. Dancing my way in to that office. It will be finished soon. Less than one more year of this and I will be well on my way! Until then, my name is Knowledge Sponge. My game is Learning.

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