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This Perspective Shift Physically Changed Me | An Interview with Elisa

The following is an interview with Elisa regarding her transformation and perspective shift over the past two years from irregular exercise to a complete overhaul and adoption into her life.


Perspective Shift | Molly Roman | Life Coach

V-of-G: Tell me how exercise played a part in your life approximately one year ago.

Elisa: Not too much to tell you the truth.  I would try different regiments over the years and nothing seemed to stick.  Nothing triggered me to stay long-term.  I did and still do enjoy yoga which I believe transformed my body over a long-term period.

V-of-G: What did you try?

Elisa: I hated cross-fit.  It was too aggressive for me and it didn’t really motivate me.  I wasn’t into Zumba or coordinated classes.  And I would have a trainer every so often.  I would actually tell them “I will try to not work out.  I will try to sabotage this so I don’t have to do the work.”  They would still fall for it every time.  Within three sessions, I worked them over.

V-of-G: You have really completed a shift in the last year.  Tell me about what you are doing today.

Elisa: It’s crazy.  I go to Orange Theory 2-3 times a week and I cannot wait to go.  I actually flew in from a business trip in the morning and left that evening for another trip just so I could go to the class rather than flying direct.  Working out has become a part of my life, which it wasn’t before.

V-of-G: What do you like about your current regimen?

Elisa: I see results sooner.  That validates that it is working.  The program combines awareness and competition.  We have heart monitors so I know where I am and if I’m at the right level.  It’s not overly competitive where we have scores; but when I see other people doing well, I want to do well too.  It almost feels like a team effort.  And because I see results, my eating has gotten better, too.  I don’t want to mess up all my hard work.

V-of-G: It seems like you tried several paths over the past few years.  Why didn’t you ever give up?

Elisa: There was a time I got caught up with the fallbacks into my old habits but I now have a perspective shift and look at life as a consistent moving forward two steps and back one step.  So I’m always moving forward.  And when I do take that step back,

       I’m never truly moving back because I’m not the same person I was the first time I was in that space.  

I’ve really let go of self loathing when I’m not where I want to be because I know I’m moving forward and changing.

V-of-G: Where have you seen the biggest change now that you are consistently working out?

Elisa: I’ve seen lots of changes.  I’m eating better.  I have more energy.  My body is changing.  I’m not a size ‘little’; but it’s changing.  Most importantly, I would say I’ve seen a perspective shift.  Last week, I decided to hit the pool.  And let me tell you, there was one summer I didn’t go at all because I didn’t like my body.  I put on my bikini and walked around my apartment for a few minutes and thought “Okay.  Let’s go.”  I got to the pool and there were thinner girls and bigger girls and taller girls and shorter girls.  Some had it all hanging out and some kept it covered up.  I was judging.  Saggier, smaller, this and that.  I was judging to compare them with me.  And suddenly I realized,

       Why am I comparing myself?  There is no other me on this planet. No one else has this body.  

I’m not thrilled with the size of it right now, but there is no other me at this pool.  And then all the judging and comparing evaporated.  I stopped beating myself up.



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