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Insights to Happiness | Coaching Challenge

Happiness | Life Coaching Challenge | Molly RomanDid you read Elisa’s story from our last post? What a major life lesson she shared with us! She did and had everything you can think of that could make a human being happy, yet she wasn’t. She had a great job, she and her team performed like all-stars, she purchased a new home, had a fantastic local support system and she traveled the globe and volunteered in something she is so passionate about. Looking at Elisa’s life from a high-level view – we can all say “Wow. She’s made it. She must feel overwhelming joy and happiness.”

But what Elisa shares with us is that even though she had her biggest year ever and accomplished several of her goals, she didn’t feel happy. More importantly, she shares with us that the lack of stability played an important role in how she felt. Although everything she put effort into had phenomenal results, it was also a foundational year for Elisa. Most, if not all, aspects of her life were moving pieces.

Let’s take a look at that for a moment. A new job requires assimilation with the responsibilities and team dynamics. In Elisa’s case, a new home required living in flux until she found her home and spending several weeks searching for her house and then quite a few more with renovations and managing contractors. Creating a support system meant involving herself in several social occasions until the right fit came along. Traveling around the globe, although enriching, also disrupts pattern in ones life. And finally, her volunteer activities required laying out the foundation. Almost every aspect of Elisa’s life took from Elisa (via instability) before she could receive.

I find Elisa’s story extremely impactful and insightful. We can see two major lessons from what she shared with us.

  1. Creating stability in our lives can be so important to our happiness.
  2. Just because someone appears to have it all, doesn’t mean they do.


My Coaching Challenge to you:

This week, I challenge you to look at your life. Where can you create stability? Can you create it in your finances or health? Or maybe in your career or mind? What can you do to create order? (We will talk about this in greater detail next week.)

The second challenge for you is to look at those who you think have it all. Challenge your beliefs on who you think they are. Seek to understand that they have a history too. They can feel hurt too. And that they need support too. Sometimes we look at these people and think they don’t need anything. But it’s not true. Because no one can ever know what’s going on behind closed doors or within someone’s mind.


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