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Are you creating or escaping?

My name is Molly Roman, Life Coach, Author and Speaker. Each step in life is composed of two options: To create or escape. Both determine the quality of our journey and the results we will achieve. Only one creates a life of joy and meaning. What are you building in your life? What is your destination?

Through my publications and Life Coach process, I give you quick and easy-to-implement steps to help you experience meaning in your life as you achieve your God-given goals. Not only will you feel joy throughout your day, but you will live on your path to purpose. Are you ready to experience the life you’ve always dreamed of? Join me today and step into the life you are intended to live.


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Working with Molly has been amazing! She has the ability to ask the right questions that are direct and simple, that help me cut through my inner dialogue and cycles of self analysis and self doubt. Molly was able to help me structure my goals in a way I had never thought of and help me create an outline of the steps needed in-order to achieve those goals. Molly is trustworthy, positive and always encouraging. She is a very patient and insightful guide through life experiences and reaching your goals! -Chris
Molly’s coaching helped me identify what was working and what wasn’t working for me in a complex season of life. She helped me identify where I was operating out of my ego, rather than love for God, myself and others. Molly’s coaching would be great for anyone looking to further their personal, professional or spiritual life. - Abby
Life coaching with Molly has helped me confront things in my life in a deeper way than I have been able to in my past with counseling. As we planned and looked at the future in our sessions, it made it much more obvious what presently wasn't falling in line with the right path. Molly has been a great advocate for me, and her guidance and help to seek God first has brought many things into alignment. - Daniel
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